tailored shirts
A handmade tailored shirt

Tailored shirts form an important part of modern life for those who buy them. Whether for your professional life, for a special occasion where you want to impress, or you just want to always look your best, a tailored shirt can be a crucial and important part of putting an outfit together.

The Fit of Tailored Shirts

First and foremost tailored shirts gives you the perfect fit. If you buy a shirt from a store or online, while you might be able to get close to having a decent fit, maybe even a good one, you’ll never get the perfect fit that tailored shirts offer. Your individual shape and size can be fully taken into account for a shirt that looks perfect on you. No more acres of extra material around the body or gaping buttons across the chest.

Adjusting Your Pattern

If your shape changes over time, as it does for most of us, this is not a problem. Your tailor will have your pattern and sizes stored and adjustments are easy – often done without even remeasuring. Your basic frame will remain the same – height, shoulder width, sleeve length, back length etc, it is normally just your chest and waist that change over time. It literally takes 30 seconds to change your pattern to add or reduce to keep your next lot of tailored shirts fitting perfectly.

Your Unique Style

Last but not least, there’s the style. If you have a clear preference for a particular collar style or cuff style, a contrasting inner collar or a pop of colour for the buttonholes, then a tailor-made shirt will ensure you get your signature style every time.

Value For Money

Your tailored shirts will not only fit perfectly and be your exact style, they will be made of the highest quality fabrics, ensuring durability and comfort.

And all of this for way less than you may think. Sure, you can go to parts of London where you will pay £200+ for a made to measure shirt, but today’s savvy shoppers are buying tailored shirts online for the same price as a decent shirt on the high street.

What Have You Got To Lose?

A £79 shirt includes your measuring appointment, help with designing and creating your unique style, your shirt and free delivery to your door.

With a delivery time of under three weeks and no minimum order, why not try one for size and see how you get on?