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tailored shirts

Tailored Shirts

Tailored Shirts - The Best A Man Can Get
When you wear a tailored shirt, you may not be able to say exactly why you feel so good – you just know that you do. It could be the finest Egyptian two-ply 100% cotton against your skin, or possibly that it fits you perfectly. Maybe it’s because you look so good when you catch yourself in the mirror or the level of comfort you feel when wearing it.

Whatever the reason, a tailored shirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe and the perfect accompaniment to your new suit.

But if you are still struggling to justify the cost, remember that they are less expensive and better quality than many high-end ready-to-wear shirts from the high street and their superior quality means they are more resistant to washing and last longer too.

Every Man Needs 1 Great Tailored Shirt

A bespoke tailored shirt is as important to a man’s professional image as his qualifications. The latter requires a lot of time and effort, while the former looks sophisticated and approachable. Tailored shirts are expensive and take time to create, but they say so much about you. Not only do tailored shirts flatter the body they also give the impression that you care about your appearance.

Tailored Shirts: Simple Elegance

A tailored shirt has a number of benefits, beside the perfect fit. They are made of high-quality fabrics that are durable, more comfortable and easy to maintain. Unlike a mass-produced shirt, they tend to be thicker than other styles and will have a high quality collar, normally with pockets for collar stiffeners. They can also come with double cuffs, which are a great feature if you’re going to a formal event and require cufflinks. A tailored dress shirt is often paired with a three-piece suit or tuxedo and those attending black tie events.

For a man of average build, a tailored shirt is a matter of taste. For the rest of us, a tailored shirt is a necessity. Some men want to hide their belly, while others want to accentuate their build. Whatever our shape, we all want to look our best, and a custom-made shirt can make all the difference.

The obvious down-sides are the cost and having to wait for your shirt. However, these are a small price to pay for the end result. Getting a shirt made just for you is a special experience that all men should go through at least once.

A Tailored Shirt Makes You Look Approachable

You will have seen men who just look good in their clothes. They have a confidence, a swagger and just seem comfortable in themselves.

The reason is possibly their tailored shirt. The shirt kick starts a virtuous circle.

You put on your tailored shirt and you look good.
You look good, you feel good.
You feel good you walk taller, you smile, you swagger.
People become drawn to you.
This makes you feel good.
Your chest puffs out, your smile broadens and you are the centre of attention.

And the beauty is, this process is effortless. This all comes naturally because the shirt, and the rest of your clothes have brought out the real you.

Timeless Elegance of A Tailored Shirt

Tailored shirts are a rare breed. They should last a long time and should not be subject to the ebb and flow of fashion. So you should resist the temptation to jazz up your shirt with custom features.

The more custom features you have – coloured button holes, contrast lining for the collar and cuffs etc, the more restricted your shirt is going to be in terms of when you can wear it.

Stick to the basics – plain neutral colours, white, light blue or pink, or maybe a blue stripe, but the advice is definitely to keep it simple.

So while they may not be the most on-trend items in a man’s wardrobe, every man should invest in at least one tailored shirt for special occasions.

Tailored shirts require much more time and care than other types of shirts. Tailors scrutinise the fabric before constructing a shirt and won’t use it if it has flaws. Tailors will also use stronger stitches to make the shirt more durable and improve the look. They will also often contact customers to let them try on the shirts they have made, so they can see the final result.

Tailored shirts can be expensive. This is down to the time it takes to hand make them and the quality of materials used – and of course the fact it is a custom garment made just for you. However, the time spent making them can make them well worth the money.

Tailored Shirts Are Expensive

The cost of custom shirt production can vary widely by region with different countries pay their tailors differently.  This can impact the overall price of your tailored shirt. Besides fabric, other important factors that determine the price of custom-made shirts include buttons, cuffs, and collar linings. If you’re looking for a button, try to select mother-of-pearl buttons. They’re more durable and resistant than regular buttons, but they’re expensive.

Final Thoughts On Tailored Shirts

To ensure that you get the right shirt for you, make sure you know what you want from the outset. Start by creating a wish list of the features you want. Pin the images on social media that represent the look you’re after.

This creates a mood board of the style you are looking for and gives your tailor a good understanding of the look you want to achieve. This way, he can more accurately understand your exact requirements and make you your perfect shirt.