Made to measure shirts

made to measure shirts
Made to Measure shirts – ShirtbyHand

Our made to measure shirts are exclusively made by Shirtbyhand. ShirtbyHand was established in Amsterdam in 2005 with the single goal of making made to measure shirts accessible to everybody.

The New Face Of Tailoring

The perception of made to measure shirts had previously been that they were expensive, took ages to make and you often had to buy them in quantity – meaning a remortgage was required to afford them. The image of the Savile Row tailor was that they were stuffy, old-fashioned, old men.

ShirtbyHand set out to reinvent the image of the industry, making tailored shirts young, fresh, dynamic and business-like. In 15 years, they have succeeded in this goal – the profile of their customers is largely profession men aged 30-50, though they cater for men of any age and make tailored shirts for women too. The typical ShirtbyHand customer is a man who likes to look his best, appreciates good quality and good value. Apart from the initial measuring appointment, all orders are placed online. Their website allows you to design and create custom shirts to your own measurements with just a few clicks. And, unusually for shirts handmade to order, the longest you will wait for a shirt is three weeks.

made to measure shirts handmade
The fresh new face of tailored shirts.

For customers used to paying over £150 for a made to measure shirt, the standard ShirtbyHand range of tailored dress shirts is a rather pleasing £69.  The price includes the measuring appointment, design advice and delivery. This has been the same right since the start and has been the key to ShirtbyHand’s success.  They have managed to keep the price low by finding efficiencies and cost-savings as the business has grown. The range now includes high thread count Premium fabrics, linen and bamboo shirts.

The initial range of mainly office shirts has grown to include formal dress shirts and more casual linen shirts.

In recent years, demand for made to measure shirts has grown considerably. The main down-side of the ShirtbyHand model was the need for a personal appointment, meaning that the service was not easily accessible to those outside of the covered areas.

The personal appointments have always been the main selling point of the business as they ensure accurate measurements and great fitting shirts. So without wanting to lose this connection they needed to make the service accessible to all.

Shirt Innovation

In 2020, with all that has happened, the timing could not have been better.  A series of remote options have been created:

  • Measuring an existing shirt – If you already have a shirt that fits well, you can either send it in and have it measured, or, under instruction, you can measure it yourself. These measurements are then stored on your account to be used for all of your shirts.
  • A remote appointment – we are all now used to Zoom calls, Skype and Facetime. This is now an option for creating a made to measure shirt. If you have a helper at your end with a soft tape measure you can, under guidance, be measured accurately.
  • The new algorithm – ShirtbyHand have personally measured over 50,000 clients and have a comprehensive database of body types. By knowing a clients, height, weight, collar size, age and body type they can work out the rest of your measurements. This has proven remarkably successful, with an impressively low return rate.

You do not even miss out on the experience of seeing and feeling the fabrics as they will send you out a sample set totally free of charge.

shirtbyhand fabric samples
Fabric samples for you to design your shirt at home

One of the original founders of ShirtbyHand in the UK was Tim Visser who played rugby for Glasgow Warriors and Scotland. Rugby players are, by their nature, not standard sizes: large, muscular, athletic and often very tall!

Because of this, ShirtbyHand has supplied the Scotland Rugby Team and several professional clubs with dress shirts for their players for many years. As the boys have got married they have kitted out the male side of the bridal party.

made to measure shirts for the Scotland Rugby Team
Scotland Rugby Team 2015 – made to measure shirts from ShirtbyHand

The main market for ShirtbyHand is what they describe as ‘men who can’t buy shirts from a shop’. Basically, anyone who is too tall, to large, too muscular, has very long arms or has a neck and chest that are out of proportion. These men struggle to find shirts that fit and often resort to ‘making do’ with ones that are ‘mostly right but I can’t fasten the collar’, ‘mostly right but I have to roll the sleeves up’, or ‘it’s long enough but it looks like a tent’.

These men will often have bought a made to measure shirt previously and worn it to death because of the cost, but with ShirtbyHand’s pricing being about what you would pay for a decent shop bought shirt, it makes the decision straightforward. They are the luxury item you can literally wear every day.

The Perfect Gift

Wives, girlfriends and partners love ShirtbyHand too as they sell cards and gift vouchers for their hard-to-buy-for other halves and the bonus for them is that they know their partner is going to look his best when they are out together.

If you would like to read more information about the ShirtbyHand story, please visit their website


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