Aftershave Tips – How to Smell Like A Boss

Your scent is one of the most distinctive and memorable things about you. So it makes sense to get your aftershave just right. With these tips, your aftershave will last all day and never overpower.


First you need to ensure a neutral body scent. The best way to do this is simply to have a shower. If your soap or shower gel is scented, make sure the scent compliments your aftershave.


Your skin best absorbs aftershave when it is properly hydrated. To achieve this, use a quality moisturiser and body lotion (again, ideally ones that your aftershave) will help to achieve this.

Spray from about 6 inches (15cm) from your skin

The distance is important – if it is too close you risk overwhelming one area, too far, and you will lose most of it to the atmosphere.

Apply aftershave to your pulse points

Your pulse points are your neck, inner-wrist, and behind the ears. They are the warmest parts of your body and will retain the scent the most effectively. To maximise the effect, you should just choose one area to begin with so that you…

Don’t overdo it

Everyone knows the guy who announces his presence 30 seconds before you see him by the strength of his aftershave. To avoid being that guy, in the case of smell, less is definitely more.

Let it settle

Your aftershave needs time to dry for the different scents within it to open up and react to your body heat. To allow this, give it at least half an hour and then by all means…

Reapply if needed

There is a very fine line between under-spraying and over-spraying. Once you have let your aftershave settle, you can give it another couple of quick sprays if you feel the scent is not as strong as you would like. But bear in mind that it will always smell less strong to you the more you get used to it so it is best to ask a friend if any more is necessary.

We hope you have found this quick guide useful. Please let us know what you think and if you have any other tips that readers might like.

Feel free to comment below.

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