Do People Notice You When You Enter A Room?

Whether meeting friends or strangers, standing out in a room full of your peers or your strangers is going to be paramount when it comes to making a good first impression. Hanging back like a wallflower and passively waiting for an opportunity to mingle or network is going to leave you forgotten. Let’s have a look at 8 things you can do to get noticed when you enter a room.

  1. Clothes: Dress for the occasion. Whether it’s a business meeting or something a little more informal, make sure that you always dress to impress and you will be noticed.
  2. Grooming: Nothing makes a better impression than someone who has taken the time to groom themselves. Always do your best to look neat, trimmed and on point.
  3. Body Language: Remember what your parents always said: Stand up straight and don’t slouch. Slouching and moping around looks bad for your confidence.
  4. Be Confident: Even if you aren’t totally sure of yourself – fake it til you make it! Believe in yourself and people will be attracted to the positive energy that brings.
  5. Greet People: Don’t be afraid to greet new people. The sociability will rub-off on everyone and people will gravitate to you like moths to a flame.
  6. Eye Contact: Making eye contact is great to show people that you are feeling confident and sure of yourself.
  7. Keep It Light: Make fun conversation, try to get people laughing. It will help you and everyone around you lighten up. Avoid politics and religion and people will like you.
  8. Keep Smiling: People are naturally more attracted to someone who is radiating positivity. Keep that smile going, flash those pearly whites and everyone will notice you.